Resonancia espectroscopica y tumores cerebrales

Assessment of P-NMR analysis of phospholipid profiles for potential differential diagnosis of human cerebral tumors.

Autores: Juan Solivera - Sebastian Cerdan - J.M.Pascual - Laura Barrios - J.M. Roda

Abstract: Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) offers a variety of procedures to assess the metabolic alterations that occur in cerebral neoplasms, helping to obtain diagnostic decisions in a manner complementary to that provided by classical histopathology. H-MRS has been most widely used in this context, in combination with elaborate statistical approaches, to classify the histological type of the brain tumor and its grade of malignancy. These studies are mainly focused in the profile of water soluble metabolites in vivo or ex vivo, as detected by H MRS or H HRMAS (high-resolution magic angle spinning) ...

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