La galantamina protege en isquemia cerebral

Galantamine postischemia provides neuroprotection and memory recovery against transient global cerebral ischemia in gerbils

Autores: Silvia Lorrio - Monica Sobrado - Esperanza Arias - J.M. Roda - Antonio G.Garcia - Manuela G.Lopez

Abstract: Abstract: Galantamine, currently used in Alzheimer’s patients, has shownneuroprotection in hippocampal slices subjected to oxygen-glucose deprivation. Here, we present an in vivo study to eval-uate the potential neuroprotective effects of galantamine in atransient global cerebral ischemia model in gerbils. Three treatment protocols were used. In the pretreatment protocol, gerbils were treated before ischemia and for 3 consecutive days there-after. Eight groups of animals were included: sham operationplus placebo, 10 mg/kg mecamylamine and 10 mg/kg galantamine, respectively; and ischemia plus placebo, 10 mg/kgmecamylamine, 1 mg/kg galantamine, and 10 mg/kg galantamine and 10 mg/kg mecamylamine plus galantamine, respectively ...

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