Discriminacion de gliomas de alto y bajo grado con RNM espectroscopica

H HR-MAS and genomic analisys of human tumor biopsies discriminate between high and low grade astrocytomas

Autores: Valeria Righi - J.M. Roda - Jose Paz - Adela Mucci - Vitaliano Tugnoli - Gemma Rodriguez-Tarduchy - Laura Barrios - Luisa Schenetti - Sebastian Cerdan - Maria L. Garcia-Martin

Abstract: Discrimination between high and low glioma grade remains avital diagnostic decision, determining the most effective treatment and having an important impact on patient manage-ment and outcome .In vivo HMR spectroscopic examinations are often used in clinical environments to assess tumor aggressiveness and help the MRI-based tumor diagnosis. Auseful parameter in this sense is the total Choline (tCho) versus Creatine (Cr) ratio, which has previously been reported to be related to tumor grade. ...

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