Carta de respuesta de craneofaringiomas intraventriculares

Craniopharyngioma Classification. Neurosurgical Forum

Autores: J.M. Pascual - Rodrigo Carrasco - Ruth Prieto - F. Gonzalez-Llanos - Fernando Alvarez - J.M. Roda

Abstract: We read with great interest the article by Kassam et al. (Kassam AB, Gardner PA, Snyderman CH,  et al: expanded endonasal approach a fully transnasal appproach for the resection of midlinesuprasellar carniopharingyomas: a new classification based on the infundibulum . J. Neurosurg 108:715-728 April 2008).

In their paper Kassam and colleagues introduced a newtopographical classification of craniopharyngiomas that isbased on the relationships of the tumor to the infundibulumand pituitary stalk, as observed in the surgical field by en-doscopic viewing...

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