Assessment of Pre-operative Measurements of Tumor Size by MRI Methods as Survival Predictors in Wild Type IDH Glioblastoma

Objective: We evaluate the performance of three MRI methods to determine non-invasively tumor size, as overall survival (OS) and Progression Free Survival (PFS) predictors, in a cohort of wild type, IDH negative, glioblastoma patients. Investigated protocols included bidimensional (2D) diameter measurements, and three-dimensional (3D) estimations by the ellipsoid or semi-automatic segmentation methods.

Autores: Alexis Junnior Palpan Flores, Catalina Vivancos Sanchez, Jose María Roda , Sebastian Cerdan, Andres Javier Barrios, Cristina Utrilla, Aranzazu Royo, Maria Luisa Gandía-González

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