The Experience of a Facial Nerve Unit in the Treatment of Patients With Facial Paralysis Following Skull Base Surgery

The management of facial paralysis following skull base surgery is complex and requires multidisciplinary intervention.

This review shows the experience of a facial nerve (FN) unit in a tertiary university referral center ...

Autores: Luis Lassaletta, José Manuel Morales-Puebla, Teresa Gonzalez-Otero, Susana Moraleda, Jose María Roda , Javier Gavilan.

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Assessment of Pre-operative Measurements of Tumor Size by MRI Methods as Survival Predictors in Wild Type IDH Glioblastoma

Objective: We evaluate the performance of three MRI methods to determine non-invasively tumor size, as overall survival (OS) and Progression Free Survival (PFS) predictors, in a cohort of wild type, IDH negative, glioblastoma patients. Investigated protocols included bidimensional (2D) diameter measurements, and three-dimensional (3D) estimations by the ellipsoid or semi-automatic segmentation methods.

Autores: Alexis Junnior Palpan Flores, Catalina Vivancos Sanchez, Jose María Roda , Sebastian Cerdan, Andres Javier Barrios, Cristina Utrilla, Aranzazu Royo, Maria Luisa Gandía-González

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The use of transcranial motor-evoked potentials …

The use of transcranial motor-evoked potentials, somatosensory-evoked potentials and free-run electromyography for proper placement of paddle leads in chronic pain

Autores: José F. Paz, María del Mar Santiago Sanz, María Victoria Paz-Domingo, María Luisa Gandía-González, Susana Santiago-Pérez, Jose María Roda Frade

As an alternative to those patients who cannot be performed an awake spinal cord stimulation (SCS) or had been percutaneously implanted with poor pain relief outcomes, neurophysiological monitoring through transcranial motor evoked potentials (MEPs), somatosensory-evoked potentials (SSEPs) and free-run electromyography (EMG) under general anesthesia allows the correct placement of surgical leads and provide objective responses.

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