Neurosurgeons on the frontline of COVID-19: no place for surgery?

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We read with interest the report by Zoia, and we would like to widen the picture by sharing our experience in Madrid’s COVID-19 reference center, one of the hardest hit areas in Europe. As neurosurgeons, we never would have imagined being in the eye of the storm. We hope our humble experience can be helpful to colleagues in other countries.

Authors: Maria L. Gandía-González, Miguel Sáez-Alegre, José M. Roda

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Assesment of Overall Survival in Glioma Patients

Dear Dr Roda,

I am pleased to inform you that your manuscript ASSESSMENT OF OVERALL SURVIVAL IN GLIOMA PATIENTS AS PREDICTED BY METABOLOMIC CRITERIA has been approved for production and accepted for publication in Frontiers in Oncology, section Cancer Imaging and Image-directed Interventions.

Authors: Maria L. Gandía-González, Sebastian Cerdan, Laura Barrios, Pilar López-Larrubia, Pablo G. Feijoo, Alexis Jr. Palpan, José M. Roda, Juan Solivera

Early TLR4 blockade reduces ROS and inflammation triggered by microglial …

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Article: Early TLR4 blockade reduces ROS and inflammation triggered by microglial pro-inflammatory phenotype in rodents and human brain ischemia models

Journal: British Journal of Pharmacology

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